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THE GAY MILLIONAIRES CLUB: And Those Who Want To Meet One.

What is the gay millionaires club and do I have to be a millionaire to be a member?

The Gay Millionaires Club is a fee-based service for Millionaires who are seeking a life-partner. The service is FREE to qualified applicants who wish to meet a Millionaire client (the Millionaires pay the fee). It is not necessary to be a Millionaire to meet a client. GMC will introduce clients confidentially and discreetly, essentially acting as their personal "headhunter" or matchmaker. The service is FREE to attractive, intelligent, sincere, and relationship minded men. Each applicant has an in-depth interview before ever being introduced to a Millionaire client.

For the guys who want to join and meet a millionaire, what is the process?

It is so easy! Visit our website and navigate to the "Apply to Meet a Millionaire" page and follow the steps. One thing we look for are men who take the time to tell us about themselves, not those who simply cut and paste their online profile. Besides the obvious, are there other benefits to dating a millionaire? As a general proposition, it’s not so much a factor of wealth, but instead the degree of success that has been attained by "millionaires." The "millionaire mind" functions in a different way than other people. Perhaps it’s best said that by associating with success, some of it is bound to rub off on you. Besides, it is just as easy to love somebody that has attained or made something of their life, versus somebody that hasn’t done much to progress and grow. Do your millionaires range in age? I mean, do you have both younger and older millionaires that you work with? Our clients range in age from their 30’s to sixties.

Now a days, if you own a home in LA on paper you're close to being a millionaire. So, what like income levels do your guys range from?

To qualify as a ‘millionaire’ with GMC a client needs to have a six-figure or better annual income and a seven-digit net worth.

Do you have many success stories, any examples?

Yes, we have numerous success stories and these are just a few!

What would you say to our readers who would be hesitant or shy to call although they may be interested?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You will never know what’s in the box until you open it.

How are millionaires to work with? Are they very picky?

We love working with millionaires and applicants—as both sides bring a different energy to the process. Millionaires are selective, and with good reason—they are putting themselves out there, so naturally they are concerned with what type of men they will attract. But overall, they are serious about finding a partner, and to that end they understand it is a process and know they have same relationship challenges as anyone else.

Can you give us an example of your typical client?

They come in every shape and size, level of education, and from every walk of life. We have clients with inherited wealth, professional types, high-powered businessmen, entertainment moguls and celebrities. What types of guys do they like? I mean, do the guys have to be model type or are they looking for brains and down-to-earth as well? Our clients are real people, and they want to meet real people. Models are in magazines, and even they don’t look like that! Our clients taste in men varies— just like yours does. We have several clients interested in Latin men as well as all other ethnicities, shapes and sizes,.

It really does run the gamut. I'm sure there are a couple of millionaires who read Adelante, how would they join your service?

Visit our website and navigate to the page "Millionaires Enter Here" where there is a link to our confidential questionnaire. Just as not all applicants ‘make the cut’ we do not accept everyone who wants to be a client. We are a highly selective service, uncompromising in our desire to attract the highest quality clients and applicants. With all that money, why would anyone need or want to use a service like this? The old adage sung from Broadway’s long running musical, Fiddler on the Roof, still exists – everyone is looking for a match and who is better to do it than a professional matchmaker?

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