Volume 3, Issue 5  Summer 2003


Guilty Pleasures




While your average single guy can hop onto the Internet to seek out like-minded lonely hearts, it's hard to imagine a millionaire filling out a Nerve.com profile, listing his turn-ons, and things he can't live without. What would he call himself. . . The Blingmeister? Enter Jill Kimmel-Hankoff, matchmaker extraordinaire for gay men with green.  She scored big in the early 90’s with LA’s Lesbian Dining Club and the Gay Gourmet, her "safe environment" dinner parties for same sex- inclined singles. After acquiring a one-on-one video dating service called Adam and Steve," she saw the enormous potential of personal match ups for gay men, leading her to her present venture, the Gay Millionaire's Club, which has been thriving on the Left Coast since 2000 and will set up shop on Fifth Avenue this summer. "You're looking for the CEO of your life, so we go and search for that," says Kimmel Hankoff." One handsome 42-year-old client tells Gotham, "I don't have any problem meeting people. But the fact is, there are a lot of guys who want a rich boyfriend. But she weeds that nonsense out.” Single fellows who think they’ve got the charm to woo a big spender can log onto her website and put themselves in the running, while millionaires themselves go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that (a) worthy and (b) going to get want from her services. Once are approved, the office will call up and proceed to facilitate romantic dream dates, eliminating the guesswork and allowing men to concentrate on igniting sparks. "Our clients come here," says Kimmel-Hankoff, "because it is a third party giving an objective opinion. Because if they knew what they wanted, they would have it already, wouldn't they?" Making the world a more romantic place, one millionaire at a time. Gay Millionaires Club, gaymillionairesclub.com.




Reprinted from the courtesy of Editors of Gotham  Magazine Los Angeles ©2003 Niche Media Holdings, LLC New York, NY 10010.