Our Process

Our intention here is to outline on a high level, how we work and a general idea of what we do.

Intake and Evaluation with Prospective Client

Our process begins with a series of conversations to determine if the Gay Millionaires Club is an appropriate fit for you. We recognize that our service may not be right for everyone, as it is highly customized and labor intensive vs. a canned dating service without personal interaction and the level of service our clients desire. This is all part of providing the best possible matches – discovering those hidden gems you’re not finding on your own. If we have a “match” and decide to work together, we’ll provide necessary agreements and begin moving forward once retained.

Moving Forward and Engaging Gay Millionaires Club

Once retained, we travel to meet with you in your home or a destination of your choosing. During this comprehensive meeting, we will spend a significant amount of time getting to know you and understanding the type of person that you want to meet. Together, we review your past relationships, goals and expectations, and everything we need to know about you – order to provide your match. We also endeavor to understand your unique qualities and values that facilitate our matching process. This meeting also helps us ascertain how to best serve your needs.

Locating and Approaching Qualified Applicants

To develop a list of qualified matches, we will not only query our system, but begin efforts to recruit and pursue individuals on your behalf. In this stage, we draw from a variety of resources to ensure the most number of alternatives. We may already have someone within our system that is just the right match, but we also conduct a targeted search to fulfill your specific needs (this service alone is $35,000 with other upscale matchmaking services). This includes attending events, attracting Applicants through both general marketing and particularly designed outreach efforts. The result -- you will be introduced to high caliber matches with whom you are compatible. The ultimate objective: Finding the match that you can’t live without.

Applicant Pre-Qualification

As part of our search service, we network with a number of Applicants to pare down those qualified to meet you. We conduct in-depth interviews with these Applicants, exploring their backgrounds, past relationships, current living and financial situation, etc. Our unique personality profile and comprehensive interview process gives us added insight into compatibility between you and any potential match. We present only those Applicants who possess the qualities that you seek. While we screen for compatibility, interests, refinement, and more, chemistry is an area we cannot always predict. That being said, we do have the benefit of decades of experience. Throughout our process, we will fine-tune even this elusive quality.

Preparing You Both for the Introduction

Most men have plenty of dating experience, but are not always the best at creating the right atmosphere, choosing appropriate conversation topics for a first date, or even making a good first impression. For that reason, we coordinate the actual date in order to help both of you to present yourselves in the best and most positive manner. In fact, one of the most important and satisfying aspects of GMC’s endeavors is the opportunity to coach our Clients and Applicants on the aspects of dating that will yield the very best results.

Expectations and Outcome

Our service works best for men who understand that although we can't guarantee that we'll find your life partner ultimately, we’re passionate about the pursuit of the elusive match. What we can guarantee is that we'll work with you until you find someone with whom you have a strong chance of starting a long-term relationship with. We may find him right away, but more likely it will take time. The process itself is equally as important as the outcome. Together, we will partner with you to achieve your ultimate goal of finding the meaningful and enduring relationship that you desire.

Follow-Up with Both of You

Following each date with a potential match, we consult with you via questionnaire to obtain feedback from both parties. We’ll even follow up via phone most times in order to review this feedback and continue to evolve and perfect our methodology. This is an integral part of our process in order to fine tune the matches we are presenting, as well as counsel you both about moving forward – and altering your respective approaches.

The Move to Exclusivity

After you have determined that you wish to continue dating an Applicant exclusively, we speak with you both periodically for updates, coaching or to offer our personal guidance and support in any way possible. We’re here in order to ensure that issues aren’t being swept under the rug, and that both parties are communicating effectively beginning early on so that we can truly ensure the best possible basis for a successful relationship.

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