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All Gay Millionaires Club Clients are successful at whatever they do: physicians, attorneys, CEO’s, business owners / entrepreneurs, and industry leading professionals. They are decision makers, leaders in their fields, philanthropic, civic-minded gay men. Many travel extensively for business and pleasure and most own multiple homes. We define a gay millionaire as a man with a net worth of seven figures or more. Most Clients earn six or seven figures annually and are traditionally between the ages of 35 to 60. The overwhelming percentage have advanced degrees and are recognized within their respective fields. Due to the public nature of their professional lives, all Clients share a desire for discretion.

Although extraordinary from a success perspective, our Clients’ deepest desire is exactly the same as every one of us – to love and be loved. Prosperity and abundance is everyone’s birthright - both financially and personally. At Gay Millionaires Club we create opportunities for our Clients to prosper in love - fulfilling the one dream that has been elusive. Think of us as a headhunting agency for your love life. We search our system and recruit potential matches based on specific attributes and personality traits you desire. We present you with potential matches and you only meet the ones that intrigue you.

While the name “Gay Millionaires Club” defines a group of people based on success in the financial arena, we find that our Applicants are more attracted to the company of an intriguing, inspiring individual with vast life experience than you would think. It’s the chemistry between the two of you that will keep you together, not the money.

If you’re ready to meet your match, apply to become a Client today to meet our team and allow us to strive toward fulfilling your relationship goals.


Our Applicant service is FREE to attractive, sincere and relationship minded gay men. Each Applicant / potential candidate has an in-depth interview before ever being presented to / introduced to a Client.

Your personal information is confidential and for our internal use only.
Please note: You must be 21 or over to apply.

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